• Some Complicated Myths About Mobile Repair (Meghayu Adhvaryu)

    As mobile repair experts, we hear lot about people’s understanding of gadget repair business. Though standards of repair business are improving because of continual training, consumers still perceive various wrong idea about mobile repairing and servicing.

    In this blog we have listed 5 most common misunderstanding about mobile repair.


    1. Third-party repair will void my warranty.

    Unless company selling mobile claim unbreakable mobile, your broken mobile screen is never covered by warranty. Service provider these days charge almost 70-90% of mobile cost while changing parts like screens; indirectly force us to buy new device. While repair shops provide repairs post-warranty which will reduce your repair cost and get your device working.

    2. Repair shop is not certified from service provider, will he able to repair my device properly?

    Device repairing is a skill which required experience rather than certification. There are many private institution of personnel who provide training for repairing. Getting certification from service provider and follow their process will increase cost of repairs, which will remove cost-effectiveness of repair shop.

    3. Phone repair will cost me too much.

    Costing for repair from service provider is different than repair shop. While service provider greatly believe in replacement of the part, repair shop try to reduce number of parts replacement. Repair shop focus greatly on repairing faulty parts then changing them.

    4. I don’t thing my phone can be repaired.

    Have you consulted a repair expert. In 80-90% cases it can. Just approach a repairer.

    5. I can fix my phone myself, I don’t require repairer.

    Watching videos on YouTube and try art & craft is different than repairing electronics using video tutorial. Except few things it is recommended to take help of an expert than damaging your device then it is in current state.

    At Moobloo, we have seen many cases where people have assumed above mentioned points and ended up paying double than their original repair cost.