• Greatest Phone Myths Ever! (Meghayu Adhvaryu)

    Anything that gets popular has rumors. This is what has happened to our favorite mobile!  This gadget seems to be everyone’s favorite and so essential in today’s world, so are the rumors about it.  These spill beans just don’t seem to die. Instead everyday a new one pops out. Wait! Wait! Wait!  Now which one should you trust? Is the talk of town facts or rumors? Confused? Then here we go.  We reveal you some amazingly spread false rumors about your mobile phones. 

    Apps running in background consume battery: be it your favorite I -phone or android both them allow your apps to work in background. 

    Why To provide you with efficient multitasking. There is this popular belief that the apps running in background drain your battery or may slow down your device! 

    The reality check here is that the apps running in background drains quite the minimal amount of your battery. 

    As far as slowing down of your phone is concerned at that time too this isn’t a culprit. These task killer apps which are part of everyone’s phone are just useless;

    all they do is closing the apps in background which in reality aren’t actually doing much of work! 

    Our system automatically kills the task when more memory is needed.

    Bluetooth / Wi-Fi access kills your battery: phew! Yet another battery related myth. 

    Now, talking about Bluetooth and wifi they help you to transfer those huge files from one device to another. 

    The debate here snt about which one is better? As they both are very useful. 

    Do they killing your battery? Answer to this question is a big NO!  

    The do not drain the battery when you just have enabled them, the consumption will start when you actually start transferring files!

    The charger that comes along with your phone is the only one you should use:  

    the consumers here need to understand a simple thing that it doesn’t matter if you use another charger,

    the matter of fact is using cheap quality charger! 

    Yeah! When I say this Chinese ones knock off the situation.  

    The quality manufacturers are safe to use with your phone.

    Charging overnight kills battery: yeah! 

    This myth is true up to a point but when we talk about your new phones then mind well the technology has 

    improved in both phones and chargers. The older batteries weren’t smart enough to understand that they are full, 

    and overcharging them would decrease their battery life! But your smart phones are really smart.

    The charging mechanism of these phones has been changed and once your battery is charged, 

    it will automatically stop drawing electricity as it is Lithium ion batteries! 

    So all you people you can keep your phones in charging overnight! Hurrah!

    More megapixels better camera! :  How many megapixels is your back camera or front camera? 

    Well that doesn’t define the quality of your camera. Now in reality megapixels just mean one million pixels. 

    So the number of pixels tells how many pixels a photo you will get in your camera. 

    There are many other factors over which your phones can be defined like sensors, lens, image-processing software 

    and many more.

    Only screen protector will protect your phone from scratches:  

    talking about screen protector they are those thin sheets of plastic which are applied on your screens

     to protect them from scratches. But buddies your new phones come with Gorilla glass or some similar sort of 

    technologies which are extremely scratch resistant glass. 

    And the icing on the cake is that many things that would scratch your screen protector will not even affect your 

    gorilla glass!

    Alas! There are so many wrong beliefs that we were actually following. 

    So now when you know the facts straight be an eye-opener!