• oops! I dropped My phone in water! (Meghayu Adhvaryu)

    Just dropped your phone in water? Or did it just slipped from your hand while taking selfie in pool?? Or may be the toddlers at your place just put your mobile in a bucket full of water??

    Arghhh!! This is a worst sort of nightmare that anyone has and sacred hell out of you...

    There are some immediate steps you can take here. Just like first aid , this is your phone aid! So here we go. As the phone falls in water just take it out as soon as possible without just wasting even a nano sec!! Now as your phone is in hand just switch it off in case if it is on. Mind well these steps taken should be swift in approach. Nowadays there is a trend of having the phone cases, covers or any such protective covering on phone .we suggest just to remove the phone from any sort of covering.

    Here you go now with dissection! Confused?? It just means taking opening the back cover removing all the removable parts such as battery, SIM card or may be SD card.

    What next???

    Take a cloth or paper then dab it gently on the phone. Make sure it’s not hard or else the water will sneak in through crack! Now vacuum your phone carefully. Be careful that the removable parts are out before you vacuum.

    Zip your phone in zip lock bag containing rice! Why rice?? Do u know the fact that rice are good absorbent of moisture?? There are certain other alternatives available in the market, such as phone protection bag. In case if you are clumsy this is a sure shot thing to buy which absorbs the moisture in phone!!!

    Leave your bag aside for 24 to 48 hours. Just don't be impatient to check your phone within this span of time. Now it’ s time to check your phone switch it on in case if doesn't take it to the professionals!!

    Now these were the list to do thing before you could do at home. There are some don'ts too. Don't heat, microwave or freeze your phone it may damage your gadget completely. Also don't use your phone after it has fallen in water!

    Hurrah! You got the code to save your phone immediately, because even phones need first aid!!