• My Cell Phone Can Be Fixed (Meghayu Adhvaryu)

    Gadgets!Since the inception of a communication era, one of the most important thingapart from how people gets connected chip and fast, is the memory you take withyou over the journey. Gadgets played that vital role for keeping all thosewonderful memory intact with you, be it a Camera, Cell phones, Tablets,Computers, laptops  or Internet. We alllove our gadgets, call it connect or call it madness, we want our gadgets totalk with us , to sleep with us, there are some of us who will take theirphones where most of shitty things comes, you know what I mean right?

    One of my friend said one day, I have paid 14k bux for repair on my 12k phone. Thats how much gadgets mean to us. Some times cost of buying a new phone every time it is damaged is also doesnt makes sense. But yes , unfortunately like every other businesses, gadget repair shops have also looted customers, including certified and company sponser centres.but yes your cellphone can get fixed with taking these things into consideration.

    One thing we need to make sure is any gadget can be rapaired. If one who says your device is not repairable either he wants to make money or you are extreamly unlucky for that just need to make sure you go to right person. Sometimes we feel we are paying too much to repair a smartphone , like 4k for an iphone to repair. Yes, it may sound big money but sometimes it has technical aspect to it, there are lots of layers attached to single screen.but its always advisable to spend 4k rather than replace the phone and selling your phone for prices of penuts, because iphone is a gold like property in gadgets, every one loves it.

    Most of the time company sponsered cellphone repair centres will say you need to buy warrany after free period, please check the price and terms.We have seen these guys costs more than we have idea, and your cellphone manufacturers doesnt even know about it, one thing is that these guys are individuals only with earned a contract to repair from manufacturers ,they are not company. And these centres takes more advantage of the brand and the lack of faith we have in other non sponsered centres.Dont worry, moobloo is here to help you out.

    Many of us believe “ I will fix this”, certainly you can, anyone can, its not a rocket science.but its the trubleshooting process and the minor details that creates frustration for a normal consumer to succeed in this task, unless you are techy like these dedicated will end up carrying screws and bolts in a bag and to a repair centre and ultimately will be charged higher than what it actually costs.always makes sure why applying your time and logic behind your own repair.

    Its time to rely on someone who eats, sleeps and drinks for gadget consumer repair and does the best in the business. Moobloo is a face of technocrats who will guide you and will lead to the best gadget repair centre without even you walking to him with our own pick up and drop facility.