About us

Gadgets!! Cell phones and Tablets!! Electronic devices, ever changing technology & super humans.

Nowadays, Gadgets are breathtaking devices in human beings fast life. These are now in our blood, brain and thoughts.They are our kindle when we read, video games when we bored, music player when we party, a bank when we talk money or may be a store when we shop.

So as we maintain ourselves, Gadgets are require to be maintained by us. A scratch to your gadget can costs your time and money. What about a lost contact to your Bae?

We know how hassle you take when you want to repair it. And if we are not the smartest in the town for mobiles, this mobile technicians will fool us, resulting in high cost service with temporary solution including money, parts, time, replacement and what not. So, here are we..!!

We are a bunch of engineers, who believes in Indian idea of Science & Technology, which is ❝To Serve❞. In this era of insane advancements of technology, homo-sapiens are now Einstein❜s predictions of TECH SLAVES. A bridge between customer and the service centres. Or you can name us as a technology to handle your owned technology.

We will get you cool technicians through our well defined skill tested and trustworthy process. We take the complete responsibility of your mobile for the specific problem. Still not convinced?

Yes we Care.

Meet Our team

  • Meghayu, Operations Man

    He is the vision of the company, technology scholar, product churning master, A gadget addict, Nomad thinker and Food is his identity.

  • Vishnu ,CTO

    He is the Technology Brain of the Company,Data Scientist , cool strategist,an anlyst, Internet warm, traveller, A Gadget addict.